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  Spice Man is one of the leading companies supplying and exporting Herbal & Medical Plants, Spices, Seeds and Dried Vegetables.
The company is a specialized & fast growing company which has founded in 2003, with roots and experiences of producing such products more than 35 years from that date. Since establishment the founders decided to control and supervise all stages and steps of production process from the very beginning  till it reach our customers' hands, in order to be able to have the quality we want and achieve our mission of satisfying our customers providing them with the  Egyptian highest quality products ever, and lowest prices possible.
We have our own farms in the most fertile & rich lands in Egypt in "Al Fayoum City". Besides we have a perfect-trained staff for every stage of production that carries out production processes.
We always pay great care for our customers' satisfaction, consequently we have customers of more than 40 countries world wide, and seek for more, and we know that our customers' satisfaction means our success!

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