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From the very beginning, we decided to supervise the production process from planting till the product reaches your hands, thus we have a distinguished control over the quality and traceability of all our products from  a to z.  Thus we are completely sure of the quality of our products which also are updated continuously; not only with the coming of the new season we have the new crop but also we care to be the first to have it amongst all other companies in Egypt . All the forms of production are conducted through our quality control system without any third party involvement to assure client satisfaction.

After we have the plant which is controlled from being seeds and planted in our own farms or supervised by us, we begin processing of the product through three main stages:
1st stage of production (Drying Stage) : where all the products exposed to many forms of drying of either sun / air drying or machine drying. This process is carried out by a perfect trained staff of long experience in such field.

2nd stage of production (Purifying and testing) : During this process natural products will be separated from sand and dust to produce not less than 99 % of purity. Further examinations will be done to assure quality, it is also performed by a perfect- trained staff.

3rd stage of production: This process is the last process of production, during this process final shape and size of all products are generated through packing, packaging and boxing depends on customer specifications, also during this process all packages are carefully transported to shipping port where our cargo agents will be waiting to receive the products for loading and sending to shipping destination.

Many tests of quality, purity and pesticides are repeatedly performed column before, during and after these processes. All processes are carried out by well-trained staff perfect with long experiences, and thanks to them we always have the highest quality products. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our customers, not by our benefits.


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