Spice Man ™ was founded from the ground up to serve the importers from all around the world providing high quality fine packed products in the following fields:

Dehydrated Vegetables

As indicated by the company name our vision is to plant, flourish and produce natural products grow up in an Egyptian land called “Al Fayoum” located in Upper Egypt, had high reputation in agricultural activities.


Why to import from Egypt?

Egypt recognized by its unique location in the heart of the business world.
The “Nile River” streams throughout Egypt to flourish the land by natural fertilizers.
Many international ports to serve the exporting activities.
Long history and good quality records in agricultural products.


Why Spice Man?

Very specialized in the field of Dehydrated Vegetables, Herbs, Seeds and Spices.
Previous experience in exporting to 40 countries all over the world.
SPICE MAN ™ experts manage the whole process, doesn’t rely on other vendors.
Combining quality with suitable price.


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